Head-Turning Concept Cars at the Paris Auto Show

Concept cars are essential part of any Auto Show. They are a great way for both companies and designers to show what they could possibly do in the future. Although most of them never make it to the roads usually, they offer a visual treat to the visitors. Here are some of the exhilarating concepts from the Paris Motor Show.
The Citroen Survolt debuted way back at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show, but the
electric-vehicle concept is still pulling them in here in Paris. Putting a model next to the car never hurts, but there was an audience before she showed up. Know more
Incredibly fast, but with the stability that comes from having four driven wheels, the Quattro was a star of the racing world that spawned, in 1984, the equally legendary road-going Sport Quattro. The only strange thing about the Audi Quattro Concept shown in Paris is why it took the German automaker so long to revive the famous model.
The Kia Pop Concept is a slick little wedge of silver that the company calls “a striking vision of future urban electric transport” meant “to act as a loose nucleus, a wild atom.” In case you’re wondering about the styling, you can’t compare it to anything you might see today. More
Lotus has revealed plans for a stunning front-engined, 2+2 V8 coupe, reminiscent of Aston Martin’s DB9 and scheduled for launch in early 2014. The car, a hybrid that incorporates a Lotus-developed KERS system, will be the third front-engined model in Lotus’s 52-year history to use the revered Elite name.Read more
Surely, one of the most hotly anticipated releases at the 2010 Paris Motor Show would be the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Concept. After all, no automaker has teased the masses these last few weeks more than Lamborghini, and perhaps no single vehicle manufacturer is as beloved by the teenage boys lurking inside each one of us. Know more